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For example, a feature that aired in San Francisco could also be shown in Baltimore, and vice versa.

Depending on local station budgets they could produce as much or as little feature material as they wanted, but still have a local show starring local talent.

The initial arrangements between Westinghouse and stations which subscribed to the PM Magazine format were done so on a "barter" basis, where the local affiliate and the national distributor shared an even split of advertising time and revenue.

But by the mid-1980s Group W increased the program's franchise fees, and also took more advertising time within the program, thereby reducing the local affiliates' ability to make money with local spots, some by as much as 20 percent.

Group W decided to expand and syndicate the format to other markets where they didn't own stations.

The first market that was interested in producing their own Evening, KING-TV in Seattle, Washington, already had a program on the air called Evening Magazine, which airs on that station to this day.

KPIX continued to air its version of Evening Magazine weeknights before CBS's prime time programs up until 2005, when the show's name was changed to Eye on the Bay, and the program's hosts also changed after a short transition. Information on local hosts of this program may be found within the individual stations' articles.

Stations marked with an asterisk were owned by Group W.Matt Lauer, Tom Bergeron, Nancy Glass, Leeza Gibbons, Henry Tenenbaum and Jerry Penacoli were among those who became well-known because of their work with the PM/Evening programs.In Pittsburgh, KDKA-TV's broadcast of Evening Magazine featured a young Dennis Miller providing a "humorous" closing piece, similar to Andy Rooney's commentary on 60 Minutes.Soon, Group W stations in Baltimore, Maryland (WJZ-TV), Boston, Massachusetts (WBZ-TV), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (KYW-TV), and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (KDKA-TV) were all doing their own local versions of the Evening format.The show's format allowed the stations to share their feature stories among each other.With fewer local commercial spots to sell, and increasing production costs on the affiliate end, the PM Magazine format appeared less attractive.

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