Marry a millionaire dating

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It didn’t matter when I needed to default on my electricity bill so I could afford hair extensions.The simple fact is, I’d spent months changing my appearance, and even my accent, all so I would meet a rich man.And if that sounds shallow, then let me explain a little about my past.I’d always hated the way people from Brigg said ‘ey up’ or referred to me as ‘our Kim’.Northern accents make people assume you’re stupid and working class. After six months, it was virtually impossible to tell I had been born in the North.Although people always describe me as good-looking, I dreamt of having a nose job and a boob job.

If I really wanted to live this life I dreamed of, it was obvious that my next partner would need to have money. So when my marriage fizzled out and I found myself nudging 40, I decided to reinvent myself into the kind of woman that a wealthy man might find attractive.

A recent survey showed most women still dream of marrying a millionaire.

A year ago Kim Perez, 43 and working in a chemist’s shop, set out to fulfil that ambition.

I had this hunger for the finer things in life, and the lives I read about in glossy magazines.

I wanted to live in beautiful houses and own designer clothes and jewellery.

I worked in my local pharmacy, but I always felt I deserved a better life.

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