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Vacations by Marriott Frequently Asked Questions Researching and booking packages Q: What is Vacations by Marriott?A: Marriott International has partnered with Expedia, Inc.

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Q: Can I stay at the hotel for only part of my package? When initiating a search, check the box indicating “I only need a hotel for part of my stay.” Q: Can I add a car, activity or additional passenger to my package after it has been booked?Q: What documents will I receive after I confirm my reservation?A: When you book a package, all travel documents you receive are electronic.If there are changes to the flight component (for example, flight times or flight numbers), Vacations by Marriott automatically updates the reservation to include the new flight information.You will be contacted and will receive an updated e-travel confirmation via email outlining what has changed. A: You can select the number of rooms (three maximum) you need from the Rooms drop-down menu on the main search page.Q: Will I be staying at a Marriott Vacation Club property?

A: Marriott Vacation Club properties will be indicated in the hotel description.After you confirm the reservation, you immediately receive an e-travel confirmation.This e-travel confirmation verifies the travel components you selected when you book the reservation.You will then have to select the number of adults and children in each room.Q: Can I book two different hotels for my package stay?However, please note that the majority of the hotels offered by Vacations by Marriott are not Marriott Vacation Club properties.