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A young writer brings a collection of short stories to a big Moscow publishing house.

Is changing the day of a holiday really such a big deal?Previously, the Ukrainian government attempted to designate December 6 as Armed Forces Day, but the holiday never got attention comparable to post-Soviet February 23.In 2008, President Yushchenko attempted to move the holiday to January 29 to honor the students in the Battle of Kruty, but it never got traction either.See full summary » Sanja the Bandit after a particularly vicious shootout, stumbles into the musician Oleg at the local banya.Following a retelling of a semi-mythological story, the pair decide to make a pilgrimage to a "bell-tower of happiness".Very good cinematography (my opinion) concept is not very clear what makes the whole movie brilliant. So bottom line if you young have scenes of humor and not afraid of unknown actors (accept of Lia Ahidjakova) this is movie for you.

“The phrase ‘Defender of the Fatherland’ has ceased to be a mere abstract and ritualistic expression. In the rich and varied history of Ukrainian armies, there are countless battles and dates worthy of being elevated to a Day of the Defender of the Fatherland.

” The Orthodox feast day of the Intercession of the Virgin Mary, October 14, is considered to be the symbolic day of the founding of the UPA, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army active during World War II, as well as one of the main holidays of the Ukrainian Zaporozhzhian Kozaks, the proto-Ukrainian military and political force that challenged the authority of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Tsardom of Russia, the Ottoman Empire, and its vassal the Crimean Khanate over the 16-18th centuries.

In the Ukrainian tradition going back to even the medieval times of the Kyiv Rus, the Intercession of the Virgin Mary is interpreted as a symbolical act of protecting and blessing the Ukrainian people.

Young and talented Yuriy Chursin playing comic role in very serious way.

Movie full of humor and hallucinate animate (black and white) kinda twisted moments that will give to younger audience lots of positive energy.

I repeat: Ukraine will never again commemorate this holiday by following a historical battles calendar of a neighboring country.

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