Man for man dating

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If he asked you out, then he probably already has a plan in mind, and the best advice is to be yourself and relax.However, if you’ve asked him out, or if he has asked for suggestions of activities, then you can get creative and decide upon the right tactics to attract your Capricorn man.

If you’re not confident in your dancing skills, you may be less than pleased when your Capricorn takes you to a swing class (or worse, a contest) on your first date.

You could take a short art class together, or take a walking tour around a part of town neither of you is familiar with.

In the winter, wandering around a neighborhood looking at the holiday decorations can be a lot of fun.

If that’s the case, then you’ve invited him out for an evening of torture.

Another situation that you should try to avoid is one in which one of you is extremely comfortable while the other one is a stranger in a strange land.

If you’re short for ideas, then look at your local paper or website for a list of activities.

Somewhere, there is bound to be something going on that sounds like fun. For example, any activity which requires you to spend an extended amount of time together without a way out can make for an uncomfortable situation. However, if you and your Capricorn do not to hit it off so well, then you are stuck on a boat with one another for the next several hours.- Silvia Santucci" / " data-src="" role="presentation" src="//" title="4 Kabeljau Rückenfilets Schale einer Limette (unbehandelt)2 EL geschnittener Schnittlauch1/2 TL Kräut...- Silvia Santucci" / Kalorien (kcal): 592 Fett: 33g Eiweiß: 11g Kohlenhydrate: 59g " data-src="" role="presentation" src="//" title="Kürbis ist der Dauerbrenner in der Herbstküche.Your best friend’s birthday party, for example, may not be the best idea for a first date.You are going to know a lot more people than he does, and you’re unlikely to be able to devote a lot of attention to him if you’re mingling with friends.There are also situations that many convey an inappropriate level of seriousness given your current relationship.