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The name Lycos was derived from a Latin word for a special kind of spider that leaves its web to hunt.At the time Lycos was established as a separate company, it had built a catalog of more than 3.7 million Internet pages and had nearly 3.5 million hits a week.

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Lycos claimed that it was the first search engine to enable users to search for individual multimedia files.

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Lycos planned to offer advertising space on its site, to license key components of its search technology, and to develop products based on its technology.

One of the first products under development was called Spider in a Box.

was created in 1995 when [email protected], the strategic investment and development arm of CMG Information Services, Inc., purchased the exclusive rights to Lycos Spider Technology from Carnegie Mellon University.

Lycos was established as a subsidiary of [email protected], which later became CMGI Inc., to develop and market the technology.In another partnership Lycos and book publisher Simon & Schuster formed the Lycos Press as a three-year co-publishing venture.The first title was to be called Lycos' 250,000 Best World Wide Web Sites.Lycos also added a city guide that featured 400 cities, and it established a Club Lycos for users that provided them with discounts with merchants such as Southwest Airlines and Avis car rentals.In addition to adding new features and upgrading its search engine in 1996, Lycos redesigned its graphic interface to look like an Internet portal.Lycos launched its licensing program in April 1996 through an agreement with the Scandinavian newspaper the Swedish Post.

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