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It is true that by this time the tide was turning and not many of them were escaping the need for some level of ratepayer subsidy but they still represented local value for money and a level of civic pride in many locations.

Unlike the Portsmouth example (above) this Brighton Weymann body (here shown on an AEC Regent III chassis) appears to have had the 'skirts' removed, or perhaps they were not specified from new.For a number of years Brighton chose the MCW 'Orion' bodied Leyland PD3 as its standard, both for trolleybus replacement and for fleet renewal afterwards.They always specified the exposed radiator version and, as far as I'm aware never operated any tin front types.The once great Leeds system finally 'died' in November 1959 and thus didn't quite make it into the new decade.I was busy chasing about the country then but somehow only managed to visit less than two-thirds of them between 19*, from the smaller fleets such as Hartlepool and Lowestoft to the four-figure giants of Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Glasgow.PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS IS A HIGHLY DETAILED PAGE WITH SCORES OF PHOTOS.


A few of this batch of Leyland TD4s in fact lasted much longer as open-toppers but I was surprised and delighted to snap and later ride on this one in November 1962.

Unusual in municipal service, Portsmouth, until the early sixties, ran several of these Bedford OWBs dating fro the late wartime era.

A batch of these all-Crossley double deckers was acquired in the early post-war period and a number remained in service until the early/mid 1960s. Many operators removed these in the later years of these bodies service lives as they were labour intensive and expensive to repair when damaged.

There were however significant problems encountered with the originally Crossley turbomotor engines and in Portsmouth's case they were replaced by older Leyland units. Brighton was a place I visited on numerous occasions.

I have tried to replicate as accurately as possible the actual fleet liveries (as I remember them anyway) in the title heading for each operator, but please bear in mind the limited number of colour choices that the computer offers...........................

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    The absence of ostentation inside the houses denotes a certain refined moderation and, though the eight houses boast three Jaguars and Robin Power's gold Rolls Royce out front, a local resident, when asked if any of the cars sported personalised number plates, replied, aghast: ``Certainly not!

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