Love usa muslim dating

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Love usa muslim dating

She was the epitome of the complete woman.' A note from sh. As the hadith above suggests, a pretty face and religious background are excellent, but they will not necessarily indicate whether she gets easily abusive or jealous. Saying that though, men are not as concerned about looks or as worried as women can be.

And if you find someone with all four qualities, you’ve hit the jackpot!It means if you can find a woman/man who is religious that’s good.If you find a man who is religious and handsome, that’s better.Be blessed - Imam Suhaib Webb, The Lesser Of 2 Evils, 2013* 'You see, we often misunderstand the hadith of the Prophet ﷺ where he said, “Marry a woman for four reasons…” This also means, “Marry a man for four reasons…” Unfortunately no one tells the sisters this, so they sometimes think men get to choose and they don’t.The four reasons the Prophet ﷺ mentioned were beauty, wealth, family and deen (religion).Men tend to tick off a woman's deen straightforwardly but it's not as black and white as it seems, which comes back to outward beauty.

The package may look religious, but without a conversation on worries and ambitions, you may later find she's all about the wedding day and shoes.

However much a woman or her family earns does not really alter what Muslim men are really looking for.

During the Prophet's ﷺ time status was categorised into two. Just as women hope to marry into 'a good family', Muslim men love the idea of marrying into a 'religious family' - being connected to a woman whose family have ethical commitments and she herself is morally upright.

This is why women are drawn to a mans' character first (inner beauty) while most men require a visual beauty, that's packed with stimulating contents.

When men say they are looking for "religious" wives they each refer to very different attributes.

Men will look at a woman's current work in terms of how she may behave in their marriage or raise their future children. This is explained better further below (see: Personality).