Love affair dating edinburgh

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Love affair dating edinburgh - online dating email opening lines

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He spent many weekends apart from his wife and when he was competing in carriage driving events moved from country house to country house.

Ward was a fellow member of Philip’s luncheon club, The Thursday Club, and notorious for throwing wild parties at which “the man in the mask” served drinks wearing only a skimpy apron.

Private Eye took to referring to Philip as “the naked waiter”, but in the investigation by Lord Denning into the Profumo affair Ward was described as an unreliable witness.

The rumours of flirtations started right after their marriage.

In 1948, when Elizabeth was pregnant with Charles, papers ran a story about Philip’s alleged fling with actress Pat Kirkwood, with whom he danced “until dawn” at a nightclub.

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Being handsome, flirtatious and a brilliant dancer hardly helped the rumours.

And now they have resurfaced in the second series of Netflix’s The Crown, which hints at the duke cheating on his beloved Elizabeth in the early years of their marriage. He was predisposed to treat women well, having been brought up by three sisters, but was still a man of his time.

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This was the age when women were advised their most important job was to “build up and maintain their man’s ego” whatever he did.