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That was the tame part of the email, which Kalanick actually sent again the next year when there were 1,800 employees at Uber.The don’ts advice was much more specific, giving information about everything from vomiting (a $200 “puke charge”) to drug use to throwing beer kegs off buildings to, well, proper fornication between employees (and sometimes, apparently, more than one).

The Fuck Bois circle sticker from Civil can be stuck just about anywhere to showcase you distaste for dumb ass boys.UPDATE: An email from Matt Nagel has announced that classes in Bobst, Tisch, and Shimkin have been cancelled for — at least — the remainder of the day. Full text of the email reads: Bobst Library (70 Washington Sq. She wrote: I understand that some of these feel like tough rules but it will be much more fun for everyone (not just the comms team) if the media leaves us alone for the week.And while staying under the radar might feel like wishful thinking, other equally prominent companies have managed to do this successfully in the past.Yes, that means that Travis will be celibate on this trip.

#CEOLife #FML.” FML, in internet slang, means “Fuck my life.” Welcome to Silicon Valley startup culture.

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According to sources, while many companies send out warning emails before events, Kalanick was advised not to send this email because of its tone, which some execs thought too cavalier.

Some worried that building a global public company required a more mature tone from the CEO.

The reason the email has also gotten more pertinent recently is because two law firms — Perkins Coie and Covington & Burling — working on investigations about corporate misbehavior at Uber have the email and are looking at whether it helped created the party atmosphere that led to the sexism and sexual harassment, as well as general corporate mismanagement.

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