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After a year marked by major lawsuits on licensing, German ERP giant SAP is making a noise about its new customer-centric approach, perhaps after realising that its litigious image risks driving down customer confidence.In February, Diageo was told to pay SAP a cool £54.5m after it introduced two new systems, which saw it fall foul of SAP's indirect licensing rules.

Flights only happen once the predicted path is known to be safe (avoiding airports and densely populated areas for example) and permission has been gained from (in the UK) the CAA.

He added that it was hard for firms to talk to the user group about what goes on in these deals because they're tied up in NDAs.

"There's a pent-up requirement for knowledge," he said.

"Charging by business outcome actually isn't that new," Cooper said.

"While it's welcome they're talking about it, there are different sorts of sales orders – does what you're talking about apply to all of them?

Then there's no reason for them to defect to the competition, and every reason for them to be true advocates," he said.

According to Slater, by the end of the culture change, customers and their account managers might even be in the position where the SAP side could level with them about their KPIs."I know they're going to differentiate between B2B and B2C, but we need to start seeing that detail.We're still pushing that through SUGEN [the executive network of global SAP user groups]." And this lack of clarity is also a point of frustration when the firm touts its new wares without telling customers how to use them within the bounds of SAP's rules.Speaking to The Register, Slater said it was "unhealthy for SAP" to have customers in the marketplace who feel "begrudged" about the processes they've gone through."We want to make customers feel they're genuinely getting good value.So the conversation you might have had two or three years ago, there's no context if you've got a new account manager." Giving those relationships some longevity would be beneficial, Cooper said, but equally important is how SAP will balance encouraging account managers to be more customer-centric with the fact they will be given "stretching targets".

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