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The BYU team also learned that a “low angle of attack” produces the least splash.When pee hits the porcelain at a 90 degree angle, the splashback is terrible.

Yet in restrooms, we’re left in silence to listen to each other’s bowel movements.But he is certain that the problem exists with both urinals and toilets.“We do know that a male of average height urinating into a traditional toilet while standing,” he writes, “will launch small droplets out of the toilet and onto the floor, cupboards, and shower curtain.”Truscott says the idea came to him and his fellow researchers the same way it crops up in every man’s life: when using a urinal while wearing khaki pants.“You wouldn’t imagine how many people giggle nervously or say ‘gross’ when we try to educate them about the advantages of the bidet seat,” he says.As Freakonomics host Stephen Dubner relates, designers and architects carefully consider sound when they design public spaces. Debbie Wiener is a veteran of the interior design business, but she doesn’t know of a splash-proof toilet to recommend to her clients.

She keeps a drawer full of big, bleachable towels, and every day she puts a fresh one on the floor in front of the toilet.Our search for answers led us to Duravit, one of the world’s largest suppliers of bathroom fixtures.We contacted their team of toilet designers, who are based in Germany. As far as Duravit’s toilet designers are concerned, splashback does not exist.In the same way that splashing toilets and urinals have persisted, Americans keep using an inferior technology: toilet paper.According to Steve Scheer, president of a startup struggling to sell Japanese-style toilets in America, a major obstacle is Americans’ reluctance to discuss bathroom issues.“It’s a constant problem between men and women,” she says, and one that comes up frequently when she works with clients to redo their bathrooms. “If there was one, I would consider buying it,” she says.