Linda cardellini jason segel dating

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Linda cardellini jason segel dating

"I want to bring the spirit of failure that I brought to TV to the Broadway stage.

But my drama teacher, who was one of the biggest influences on my life creatively, was an alcoholic, and over the course of my sophomore through senior year, she got worse and worse and started depending on me.That bummed me out the most, not getting to play that story out.Neal Schweiber (Samm Levine) Another burning desire I had was to get Neal into swing choir.Bill Haverchuck (Martin Starr) With his mom dating Coach Fredricks, Judd and I liked the idea of Bill slowly becoming a jock -- that he turned out to be good at basketball and started to get into it, so that he was getting pulled a little more over to the jock side.Which would create an odd little rift with him and the other geeks.We figured it could be his outlet while his parents are going through a really horrible divorce.

Since Judd had gone through that in his real life, that was kind of going to be his domain -- telling all his tales from adolescence though that.

I always liked that we had set up that he had rich parents. I think he's the guy that just kind of hangs around town.

My instinct is we would have had the most fun searching for what his life would be.

That was another burning desire of mine, because when we were in high school there'd always be a girl or two who was pregnant, and it was so mind blowing.

I thought it would be interesting with Daniel kind of around, and it's not his, and it's weird -- and would he step up, since she doesn't really know who the dad is, or isn't really in contact with him?

Because Martin is quite athletic in real life, and we were like, "Oh, let's maybe play that out for him." He works out a lot, Martin does, and at the beginning of the show he would come in with these giant biceps -- we had to make him stop doing that.