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The professor had retweeted a news article about the neo-Nazi march in Poland over the weekend, stating: “A white Europe of fraternal nations. " The following day, he took to Twitter again: “We don't owe the Arabs and Africans anything.They have destroyed their continent through corruption, shenanigans, uninhibited multiplication and tribal and religious wars and are now taking away what we have built with diligence." Thomas Rauscher, Professor an der juristischen Fakultät der Universität Leipzig für ein "weißes Europa" und gegen die "ungehemmte Vermehrung von Afrikanern und Arabern" pic.twitter.com/k5Fvv Aosq W — Ismail Küpeli (@ismail_kupeli) November 15, 2017 The minister of science and art in Saxony, Eva-Maria Stange, immediately reacted on social media by tweeting: "Saxony's universities are cosmopolitan and international.

"White Europe - and I would like to say this quite clearly in a positive light, similar to a black Africa or a Thai Thailand - is a wonderful goal,” Rauscher said.

“We will now begin investigations and examine the employment law measures against Professor Rauscher," Leipzig University added.

So far there have not been any consequences for the faculty member.

I strongly criticize Rauscher's xenophobic opinions.” Leipzig University also reacted to Rauscher's tweets.

On Wednesday, the institution explicitly condemned the professor's statements.

Initially, Sweden’s entrance into the war was considered a minor annoyance to the Catholic League and its allies; his only battles to this point had been inconclusive ones, or fought against generals of modest military ability.

His troops moved south into Brandenburg, taking and sacking the towns of Küstrin and Frankfurt an der Oder.

) or First Battle of Breitenfeld (in older texts sometimes known as Battle of Leipzig), was fought at a crossroads near Breitenfeld approximately five miles north-west of the walled city of Leipzig on September 17 (Gregorian calendar), or September 7 (Julian calendar, in wide use at the time), 1631.

It was the Protestants’ first major victory of the Thirty Years War.

Others think the institution and the science minister's reactions don't allow one to freely express one's opinion.

Maximilian Krah, a Dresden-based lawyer, stated that it was time for a “government change in Saxony” in one of his tweets, adding: “We will fight for your freedom of speech, Professor Rauscher!

One of Germany's most venerable universities is considering the future of a law professor who tweeted solidarity with Polish white nationalists.

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