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She told me she was coming to a conference that would be held in Independence, which isn’t too far from me.I asked where she was staying, so we could get together. The conference starts sunday, and runs to Thursday. Then he started apologizing for that, but I just turned, went upstairs and packed my clothes and left. With a little dick like his, he’d be real lucky to find a woman who’s want it.” I busted up laughing at that.

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One time, we had them over, plus some other neighbors, and just Toni and I were alone in the kitchen, when she came up to me and said.

Usually end up having sex once or twice, but not wanting to be tied down. Not that they were clean before, but felt it should be done. I do like the touch of gray in your hair too.” “Why thank you my dear. When she arrived, she was wearing a fitted top that accented her 34C breasts, and a pair of khaki shorts, that stopped mid thigh. After our meal, which took a great bit of time, since we were talking about the old days and people we knew, we did up the dishes and headed to the deck and enjoyed more conversation. As time grew on, he started drinking more and becoming verbally abusive. I threw myself into work, just to keep away from him. The kicker was one night, he started telling me to get in bed and be ready for him. If he wanted sex, go find someone who was willing because you are never seeing this pussy again” ‘Ouch. I too, went and showered, and even got a bit of a hard on, thinking about her naked, just down the hall.

Been years since anyone has slept, or even fucked there. I remembered she enjoyed margarita’s, so I had made a pitcher of them, and baked a lasagna, for us, for dinner. We were getting close to finishing the pitcher of drinks, when she told me about the end of her marriage. Most evening I would come home and he would be passed out on the couch.” “Man, that sucks. I put on a t-shirt and loose running shorts and headed for the couch.

Toni is a friend who used to live on the same street as us until 15 years ago, when she and her husband, and daughter, moved down to Kentucky.

Toni did not want to go, but Bill, her husband wanted to move back by his family.

She also does not wear lots of makeup, if at all, and now was no difference. They used to come over for cookouts and such, or we’d go there, but we never played with them.

Both Carol and I wanted too, or at least with Toni.

I could easily see her nipples through the thin material. I like natural.” She leaned back on the couch and was rubbing her foot.

I asked if she was ok, and she said that her feet hurt from being on them so much today. I told her to put her feet in my lap and let me massage them, which she happily agreed too.

She wanted to let me know that she and Bill parted ways. She did tell me that she had a great job now, so it keeps her busy.

From that point on, we would talk like every month to six weeks. Chapter 1 About 4 years ago, Toni called me one evening.

Gorgeous green eyes, and her face was soft with high cheek bones. Most times it was blond, then change to brunette, or have streaks of blond in it.