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The premise of the show had to change when Becki Newton announced her pregnancy; her character was a virgin.Before changes could be made, showrunner Cindy Chupack departed for personal reasons.

We’ve become a pretty tight little group and it’s a good feeling. I think people are considering it my breakout role primarily for the amount of exposure it’s given me. Do you think you’d be friends with PJ in real life? So she kind of just takes things with a grain of salt? She doesn’t sweat the small stuff, but at the same time she cares very deeply for her friends. She probably has to, to be a female journalist who follows the Cubs. There are more and more female sports reporters, but I think they definitely still have to fight an initial prejudice. After five or six of those near beers your stomach doesn’t feel too nice. Would you, as Jordana, want to see PJ and Brendan together?

On June 24, 2010, Jordana Spiro left the series due to her role on My Boys, for which she had a contract that bound her to continue on that program.

Krysten Ritter guest starred in the pilot episode as Cassie, replacing Spiro.

After numerous delays, NBC announced that the 9 completed episodes were to premiere on June 2, 2011.

Despite the cast and crew having moved on to other projects, Newton stated that she would like to make additional episodes.

She was replaced by Constance Zimmer in the subsequent aired episodes.

It was announced on July 2010 that Tracy Poust and Jon Kinnally would serve as showrunners for the series. Why do you think people are considering this your breakout role? And I think all of the frustrations I had with acting are actually positive attributes to her character. One of the things I really like about PJ, let me try to phrase this in the right way — she lets things roll off her back very easily and that is something that I try to take from her. This season PJ experiments a lot in her dating life. Hopefully we’ll have several seasons where we keep exploring that. And when it comes to love, I bet we could all use a few tips from PJ and how realistic she is about it. Her brother Andy joined being bored by married life and legal profession. Franklin regularly hosts several same-sports-supporting friends from different walks of life and backgrounds for poker games and hangs out with them, mainly in their regular bar, but also personal events.Judd and Colleen are trying marijuana when they realize that they have to attend a Christening.