Joe jonas dating taylor swift

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He has also worked as an actor, appearing in the 2 Camp Rock movies on the Disney Channel as well as guest starring on such shows as Hot in Cleveland and Hannah Montana.Besides his work with The Jonas Brothers, Joe also launched a solo career, releasing his first solo album, Fastlife, on October 11, 2011.

In 2015, Joe formed a new band called DNCE which features Jin Joo Lee on guitar, Cole Whittle on bass and keyboards, and former Jonas Brothers drummer Jack Lawless on drums.

Besides Taylor, Joe has dated singer-actress Demi Lovato, actress Camilla Belle, Twilight actress Ashley Greene as well as models Blanda Eggenschwiler and Gigi Hadid.

He is now engaged to Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, whom he has been dating since 2016.

Taylor has been accused of lying about whether she gave permission for her name to be included in the lyrics, and as the media furore surrounding the trio continues, actress Camilla Belle seemed to want to get in on the action.

The 29-year-old shared a picture of a quote on her Instagram and Twitter pages which read: "No need for revenge. "Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves & if you're lucky, God will let you watch (sic)." She then added the hashtags #quoteoftheday, #happymonday, and #felizsegunda.

The band premiered their debut single "Cake By the Ocean" on New York's Z100 on September 14, 2015.

The single is off of their debut EP, SWAAY, which was released on October 22, 2015.In fact, the trio was spotted out together hanging at the Soho House in Hollywood on Sunday.But in 2008, Swift was the one dating Jonas, who dumped her via a 27-second phone call after 4-months together.Better Than Revenge lyrics include: "She's not a saint/ And she's not what you think/ She's an actress/ She's better known/ For the things that she does/ On the mattress." Camilla's comments come as Taylor faces a wave of criticism over her feud with Kim and Kanye.Having previously insisted she had never given her approval to the song, Kim decided to share a series of videos on Snapchat of Kanye discussing the controversial lyrics with Taylor over the phone.4 of Taylor's songs, Forever & Always, Last Kiss, Better than Revenge, and Holy Ground are most likely about him.