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Just today, my staff spent countless hours behind the scenes getting our malfunctioning software back up and running.

Note that this information is updated only after each 802.11 face-to-face session or working group letter ballot series.Their engagement in our office and with the patients that we treat makes coming to work a joy and takes (almost! Their value is so great I cannot even express it completely. Their absence would diminish the quantity and quality of our care here at a major academic institution.Some of it is referral letters, calling and talking to patients, taking radiographs and CBCT scans, putting up with over-bureaucracy in both the medical and dental industries, and more—not to mention the tortuous insurance game that must be played. If they were not here, I would be out fishing every day instead of working.For "aspirant" members, this shows the meeting after which they lose "aspirant" status (and disappear from this listing)., or they will lose their voting membership at the cited meeting, regardless of whether they attend it or not.The fields in the membership list have the following meaning This column shows the meeting number (which is necessarily a Plenary meeting) and approximate starting date of the meeting after which a voting member's voting status expires, if member does not attend any qualifying meetings between now and the end of that meeting.

For "potential voter" members, this shows the meeting after which their status reverts to "aspirant".While not often in the spotlight, these individuals represent the oil that keeps the gears of the dental industry turning smoothly.Quintessence Publishing recognizes the value these men and women bring to our industry, so we’re giving our authors the opportunity to share what value their support staff contributes—and to imagine what dentistry would look like without them. As the face of our practice, they have much more direct interaction with our patients than the doctors.Because of their efforts, I barely knew there was an issue, and my patients were clueless.My team is constantly doing things like this to keep the practice running smoothly.The affiliation shown above is updated from the IEEE-SA registration data after each session you attend.

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