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my parents want to talk to you, they can pick me up.” Aceh’s sharia code allows up to 100 lashes for “morality” offences including adultery, gambling, drinking alcohol, women who wear tight clothes and men who skip Friday prayers.

He said they could possibly be dealing with serial killers.One of the men wept as the punishment was read out and pleaded for leniency from the panel of three judges.But the chief prosecutor, Gulmaini, who goes by one name, said the pair would be caned next week ahead of the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.Aceh is the only province in Indonesia to practice sharia law brought in two years ago as a concession made by the national government in 2006 to end a war with separatists.Reforms allow members of the public as well as the special sharia police to publicly identify and detain anyone suspected of violating its rules, which specifically outlaw liwath (sodomy) and musahabah (lesbian sex).Ritchie warned people using online hookup sites or apps to exercise caution when meeting strangers as they 'may not want to meet up for the same reason as you'.

He said bring a friend along, meet in public and never arrange to meet someone in either your or their home.Several days later after he was reported missing we found his vehicle.'Through our investigation, and through a few weeks we were able to develop a suspect who was identified as Brandon Lyons, who was charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.'Through our investigation and several months of work, along with the DA's office, we were able to file a capital murder charge on Brandon Lyons for the death of Glenser Soliman.'During our investigation of this case, in early April, I was made aware of another missing male by the name of An Vinh Nguyen.Through our investigation and through things that we have discovered we realized that these cases were most likely linked.Brandon Lyons, left, has been charged with the capital murder of Glenser Soliman, who was lured to his death after using a gay hook-up app.Police are searching for Lyons's cousin Jerrett Allen, right, who has been charged in his absence with credit and debit card fraud Officers believe Allen used Nguyen's credit card in El Paso, Texas in early to mid-April.They have seen several LGBT suspects detained, including two teenage girls arrested in 2015 on suspicion of being lesbians after embracing in public, as the state parliament has gradually adopted hardline laws to criminalise women who do not wear headscarves, drinking alcohol, gambling, and extramarital sex.

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    Schlecht in 1900, has the longer title, omitting "twelve", and has a rubric De doctrinâ Apostolorum . Athanasius and Rufinus add the "Teaching" to the sapiential and other deutero-canonical books.

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