Jack white and renee zellweger dating

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She has been liked to dating men like Jack White, Josh Pate, Jim Carrey ang George Clooney.In May of 2005, she married Kenny Chensey, whom she met at the Tsunami Relief telethon.

Got his first professional gig at age 19 as a drummer in the Detroit band Goober and the Peas 8.

Their first album was recorded mostly in his parent’s attic.

John Peel, an influential British DJ said they were “the most exciting thing he heard since Jimi Hendrix.” Their signature song became “Seven Nation Army” which hit #1 on the Billboard Modern Rock chart and won them their first Grammy for “Best Rock Song.” They became the favorite band of many including Conan O’Brien, who booked them to be the musical guests on the last episode of “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.” Shortly afterwards in February 2011, The White Stripes posted on their website that they were disbanding “mostly to preserve what is beautiful and special about the band.” 10.

He met his second wife British model Karen Elson during the filming of The White Stripes video “Blue Orchid.” Meg White was the Maid of Honor at the wedding.

Curiously, Jack and Karen’s wedding announcement stated it was the first marriage for them both 11. Their debut album ‘Broken Boy Soldiers’ and the single ‘Steady, As She Goes’ were nominated for Grammys 12.

Renee is best known for her role in Jerry Maguire and Bridget Jones' Diaries.

She showcased her voice skills to her role in Chicago. She was on the cheerleading squad, drama club, and in track and field.Met Megan White at the restaurant where she worked, and had an immediate connection.They got married in 1996, and in an unusual twist, took her last name.15-Feb-1967)Boyfriend: Sims Ellison (bass player, Pariah, dated in early 1990s, d.1995 suicide)Boyfriend: Rory Cochrane (actor, cohabited four years in mid-1990s)Boyfriend: Josh Pate (director, dated 1996-97)Boyfriend: Jim Carrey (actor, broken engagement 2000)Boyfriend: George Clooney (actor, dated in 2001)Boyfriend: Matthew Perry (actor, reportedly dated in 2002)Boyfriend: Michael Edwards-Hammond (host of UK reality Playboy Pool Party, dated 2002)Boyfriend: Jack White (musician, The White Stripes, dated 2002-03)Boyfriend: Damien Rice (Irish musician, dated 2004)Husband: Kenny Chesney (country musician, m.Crowe was finishing his screenplay for Jerry Mc Guire, and needed an appealing but affordable actress to fall for Tom Cruise; thus Zellweger was cast.