Itemupdating before properties afterproperties

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Itemupdating before properties afterproperties

SPField Lookup Value old Lookup Value = new SPField Lookup Value(properties. To String()); SPField Lookup Value new Lookup Value = new SPField Lookup Value(properties.

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After Properties[IFN_Updated Delivery Qty]); I then had to update some code to accommodate and convert the strings to the ints that I had originally wanted and everything worked in both the Edit Form and Datasheet view!Sharepoint Content Type Name; foreach (SPContent Type ct in properties.I've got a similar issue where itemupdating was working in SP2010, however it's firing in SP2013 but the values don't change.If the name isn’t changed, the changes are saved to the Share Point list.Before you can deploy the event receiver you have to change the file to bind the Update Adding event receiver to all custom lists.Is there a reason why do you want to use the Item Updated receiver specifically?

Do you absolutely need to do something Asynchronous?

After Properties["Email"] will be NULL in the event receiver code.

After Properties will have the correct value, only when Email is also updated through code.

On debugging I found that After Properties were getting blank between the Item Updating and On deeper analysis, I found that the Office 2007 document parser is to be blamed here.

The document parser for Office 2007 allows the default value to be set, only if you declare the default value at the time of column creation.

Everytime I need to code an event receiver I always face the problem of what to use in order to get the Changed Values and Original Values of the event Item.

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