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These fertile havens served as trading posts for foreign traders to exchange goods with the Bedouins.The watering holes provided respite for the traders and for their heavily-laden beasts of burden on their way to other sites.

The CIA is particularly interested in information about imminent or planned terrorist attacks.

The Jews and the Arabs maintained a close and benign relationship throughout the thousand-year pre-Islamic period.

Jewish colonies flourished in the Arabian peninsula long before Mohammed strode onto the proscenium of history.

Rivers coursing down from the mountains provide water for agriculture in a region of scanty rainfall.

Portions of a 5000 year old epic, the story of Gilgamesh, King of Uruk in Mesopotamia.

However, with limited staff and resources, we simply cannot respond to all who write to us.

Submit questions or comments online By postal mail: Central Intelligence Agency Office of Public Affairs Washington, D. 20505 By phone:(703) 482-0623Open during normal business hours.The Arabian peninsula consists largely of vast expanses of arid wastelands.Here and there water wells up through the hot sands, forming oases that make bedouin life possible.The mountain (8,611 m; 28,251 ft high) is sometimes referred to as Savage Mountain, because of the difficulty of its ascent and the many lives lost in attempting its climb. Deep purple and green hues in this false-color satellite image enhance the Waziristan Hills, a mountainous region of northwest Pakistan near the Afghanistan border.A formidable landscape, the Waziristan Hills are a hodgepodge of steep, rugged hills split by narrow passes and deep gorges.They were headed from Babylonia and from Judah for was the source of exotic aromatic substances that were in demand in the western civilizations.