Is not dating black people racist

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Is not dating black people racist

I mean, whiteness is kind of hard to avoid when it’s the dominating presence in the world you live in!

not only THAT...going from blonde, to burgundy to black within a matter of a week or two from 18 inches to about 10 inches and back. Please, don't try to empathize with our hair struggles by talking about how curly your hair gets when it's humid. Growing up, almost every black person is told by their parents that they need to work twice as hard to receive the same respect as our white peers. Studies have shown that black employees receive higher scrutiny than white employees, which means they're more likely to be punished for mistakes, receive lower wages, and have negative performance reviews.

After stumbling upon a Reddit thread covering this very issue, I found myself saying, “YES” and “Mmmmhm” out loud so much that I just had to share some of the findings with you Gurl readers.

Here are 14 things that white people will never understand about being black.

When Audrey Kaatz and Ashley Wright finally decided whom to support for president, they kept the choice to themselves.

They admired his business sense and blunt-spoken style. Certainly not with their boss, a Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton.“People were scared to say they were voting for him,” Kaatz, 27, said as she stepped away from the bang of a cash register and the thrum of hair dryers at the upscale salon in Scottsdale where the two women work.

Sometimes--gasp--we fit some stereotypes and don't fit others.

OMG, it's like black people aren't a monolith or something. Toss In The Abyss: How as soon as I mention some experience that relates to being black, they IMMEDIATELY counter with something to the effect of "me too" or "yea, that's how it is for everyone" or anything discounting what I just said about my experience.But voting for Donald Trump was not something the two were comfortable discussing before the election. Even now when people hear she supported Trump, said the 28-year-old Wright, “They think, ‘Oh, so you must be a racist,’ and that isn’t fair or true.”Days after the Republican businessman and reality TV star pulled off one of the most astonishing political upsets in the country’s history, Americans are still trying to sort through the implications.Like many trans people, I learnt that the “community” wasn’t as inclusive as it claimed to be, and has always been largely run by white, straight, cis, male, non-disabled and conventionally attractive men It harks back to an imaginary idyll, when Britain was supposedly a better place.It’s why blackness remains a mystery to so many white people, even among the “SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE BLACK! None of us are born woke, and we all learn about other people little by little over time.But I’ve had so many experiences with even the most seemingly “woke” white people that just emphasize how little they know or even empathize with what it means to be black.It's like we're all complex, diverse people with varied interests, skills, and achievements. Sometimes people do this as a way to be helpful and understanding, but it can come across as dismissive. I had "friends" who would do this often, and it's so awkward to call them out for being racist when they just think they're being funny.

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