Is audrina still dating ryan cabrera

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Is audrina still dating ryan cabrera - asian dallas dating central

Give us three words that describe your future Ryan: Fun, work, party. Ryan: Big Brother — I only watched the new season, but I will say Big Brother. My whole week was ruined because I had to be there to watch every single show.

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I have over 2,000 DVDs because of all of these Best Buy gift cards. Ryan: Depending on the show, the worst thing would be fake drama. Which was, as I'm sure you know, as far from how its stars actually lived as it could get. I can’t remember any of their names — I know Brody, obviously. So, with years of experience under his belt — both in life, in music, and in reality TV — I asked Cabrera to sit through a rapid-fire question round about his reality TV history, his new album, and, of course, his favorite cheesy food. Cabrera, who found success on the dance charts with latest single, “House On Fire”, promised fans that a new album is definitely coming.First, however, Cabrera is focused on getting his next single ready for worldwide release.When it was “Nowadays, it’s very sad because I prefer the real stuff as opposed to the made up, producer drama,” said Cabrera.

Though the singer has left reality television in the dust, one thing he’s still passionate about is making music.

But, the 32-year-old singer assures me with a laugh (after I ask the question), he's never gotten that question before — not once in his 10-year career.

This month, Ryan Cabrera released "House On Fire," the first single off of his upcoming, untitled fifth album.

That was us, that was how we lived, and that was it," Cabrera says before laughing about how MTV just let him hang out and "be an idiot" for the show.

But, that was the glory days of MTV reality TV, before Cabrera joined the drama machine that was MTV's The Hills. Ryan: (Cabrera passed on this question.) I don’t feel like listening to the fan wrath.

A source told the website: "Ryan and Audrina are definitely not together right now.