Irish times dating review

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Irish times dating review - gift for dating one year

Under the headline 'Sorry ladies, equal pay has to be earned', Myers wrote: "Good for them.

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By now the pressure on senior Sunday Times executives in London was acute.

Mr Myers said that "five or six" people could have seen the piece before it went to print.

The question remains unanswered as to who those five or six may be, and whether any of them raised a red flag, and if they had, whether their concerns were ignored.

"Whereas I do understand their indignation, they have said things about me, that are far sterner than I think I merited,' he said. I made a mistake - but I'm not an anti-Semite." He said "great damage'' had been done to him, adding: "I'm going to suffer for the rest of my life.

"A stigma has been placed on the name Kevin Myers which I don't deserve." Ms Feltz questioned how such a "blatantly racist" article was allowed to be published in the first place.

What had started as a trickle on social media became a torrent, a dam-burst of disgust as word spread about what Kevin Myers had said about Jews and women in what turned out to be his last Sunday Times column.

In particular the segment of the column, which suggested BBC presenters Vanessa Feltz, and Claudia Winkleman, were well paid because they were Jewish, sparked online fury in the UK."I heard after everybody else had heard," he said later.He eventually received a text message telling him to phone a UK number.A printed apology will be appearing in next week's paper." Ivens also said the Myers column was "unacceptable and should not have been published"."It has been taken down, and we sincerely apologise for both the remarks, and the error of judgement that led to publication." Strangely Myers, who was attending a history conference in Skibbereen, Co Cork was not immediately informed of his dismissal.As the editor of the Ireland edition I take full responsibility for this error of judgement. Anyone should have a second chance for making an error of judgement'" he pleaded.