Intimidating principals

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Intimidating principals - email validating regular expression

Eighteen of his staffers have left voluntarily since Kovac became principal, Quinones said.Kovac makes unannounced visits to anyone asking hard questions of him, Chapter Leader Elaine Primavera said.

Indeed, the preponderant evidence established that the principal had behaved in a bullying fashion.

I feel that the smallest run in could jeopardize a position or assignment." "The feeling in the school among teachers is one of foreboding and fear.

I am paranoid about speaking about things; therefore, I stay in my classroom." "The stress is always there. I have been crying, unable to sleep." "I applied (successfully) to teach junior high, which I don't prefer.

Further, the administrator must treat staff in a respectful manner that is considerate of their professional status and standing.

A collegial environment does not involve the use of retaliation or retribution when differences of professional opinion are expressed.

Where inappropriate behaviour of an extreme nature occurs, this decision demonstrates that a significant penalty will be imposed.

Jason Kovac (left), principal at PS 14 in the Bronx, is “more interested in appearances and vendettas than in being a team leader and educator,” according to UFT District 8 Representative Carmon Quinones. The competition is stiff, but teachers at PS 14 in Throggs Neck say their hands-down favorite is their own Jason Kovac.“He seems more interested in appearances and vendettas than in being a team leader and educator.” The previous principal had described the staff to the website as “remarkably professional teachers,” whom he credited with being not only seasoned but compassionate.Under Kovac, the school’s Progress Report grade dropped from an A to a C.Many at the school describe him as highly self-regarding, condescending and arrogant toward the overwhelmingly female staff.“He treats the staff with total disrespect and uses intimidation and retaliation to get his way,” said District 8 Representative Carmen Quinones.Examples of the many actions presented to the committee, through an agreed statement of facts, included the following: Information was presented on how these actions affected the health of staff members.

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