Internet explorer not updating web pages

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Internet explorer not updating web pages - c14 dating fossiles

This feature is not foolproof though, since sites may choose to ignore the user's privacy preference (honoring the DNT header is not, in fact, mandatory).

Accessible via the Tools menu, “Do Not Track” is a privacy setting that sends no-tracking requests to websites.Web developers have new tools at their disposal, namely a DOM Explorer, Java Script console, debugger, network-related functions, UI responsiveness and memory testing, profiler (Java Script speed benchmarking), and browser version emulation.Pinning sites to the taskbar creates a direct link between a mouse click and frequently accessed webpages.Enabling this option will stop advertising networks from tracking browsing habits and showing behaviorally-targeted advertising.It also ensures privacy when sharing a computer with other people.It is done by dragging the site's icon from the address bar to the taskbar, or from the Tools menu, making it indistinguishable from regular apps.

The address becomes the new homepage, while the icon turns into a Home button and is placed right next to the Back button.

Apart from the desktop version, it has a Metro-based counterpart.

The app's edition for Windows 7 promises the same improvements in performance, security, and privacy.

It offers support for Web GL, HTML video playback without plugins, as well as additional HTML and CSS properties.

Microsoft claims that IE can now load JPG images up to 45% faster, using 40% less memory than previous IE versions.

Moving the tab next to a different color triggers its inclusion in the new group.

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