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Whether it's officially shown in a canonical work is another matter, and may "only" reach the status of Word of God, but most of the time the author(s) sees some minutiae they hadn't thought too much of themselves as a decent enough explanation that they don't mind and don't want to Joss it into oblivion. That was my reasoning all along."This is when fanon is promoted to canonicity.

Harwell, for one, has long denied it, often by posting photos of his occasional appearances beside Fieri — the time he appeared on Fieri’s Food Network program , on which Fieri dubbed him his “brother from another mother”; the time Fieri cooked him a large amount of eggs to eat for charity — to demonstrate that they are not the same person. Either one of them is good, but I’m going with the cheesy noodles.” — Violent J, 2015 “Mac Daddy Mac n’ Cheese.” — Guy Fieri, 2008 “Somebody once told me the world was macaroni.” — Smash Mouth fans, various Item no. “Nothing beats the real thing.” If you squint, you can see something else in the years of denial about the trio’s genetic destiny: a search for the truth about their shared identity.

The selection is includ-ing finalists from Jazz Migration, last sensation from abroad festivals, Womex selections, French Jazz Victory Awards…

They are top-notch, cutty-edge bands and all French citizens despite of appearance.

The effects (distortion, delay, looper, octave, pitch …) allow a new approach to the instrument, within the sounds and textures, sometimes closer to the organ or even the electric guitar.

The poly-rhythmic mastery of Clément Black on drums, rich in the teaching of Ali Alaoui invites to trance.

The saturated game and the search for sounds at the electric bass, developed in “Chromb!

” By Lucas Hercberg (Laureate “Jazz Migration 2015”) opens the doors of rock.

These attributes, one might argue, could be yours, too, if you so desired.

But what if Guy Fieri, Harwell, and Violent J don’t just happen to look alike and share the same confounding aesthetic?

Contrast Jossed (when fan theories are explicitly debunked by Word of God or canonical events), Beam Me Up, Scotty!

(when a phrase that's well known was never uttered in the canon).

The ringmaster is abusing the animals and performers, and the circus music, which should be cheerful, seems menacing.

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