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As human nature has not changed much through past millenniums, the whole of womanhood, which is presented to us as the women of the Bible, unchanging, unvarying from age to age, is a feminine portrait gallery drawn with a marvelous stark economy and unsurpassed in its variety in the whole of literature.

Many of them are among the immortals, with records imperishably enshrined for us in God’s biography of humanity. Their histories, the diversity of their fate, and the influence which the story of their lives has exerted on the World, make them unique.

At the other end of the Gallery—the completing end ...

we have an exultant woman proclaiming to all the earth the tidings of her emancipation.

In this way it is easier for those who use the material to identify each character.

As truth is the common property of us all, the writer sincerely hopes that the sketches he has drawn will prove to be useful in the ministry of those who have opportunities of winning girls and women for the Master.

Now, all that stands between the women of the 2017 Cross Fit Games and the title of Fittest on Earth are 15 of the most grueling WODs imaginable.

In preparation for the Cross Fit Games from August 3–6, we’ve prepared a guide of the 20 strongest female competitors—starting with last year’s champion and progressing in a seeded order according to their Regionals finishes if they had all competed in one division.Further, our expositions of Bible women who stand out in their race and time as no women of later generations stand out, will be allied to present-day application—a feature W.Mackintosh Mackay has so admirably developed in his Bible Types of Modern Women.The hall of entrance and the hall of exit are each occupied by a picture of Woman.The pictures are different in execution and unlike in their expression; but in each the idea is the same—the enfranchisement of the feminine soul....The entrance portrait is that of Eve, a hymn of female conquest expressed in colours....

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