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I don't think that this is right they should take these problems very serious!"" - 36 year-old woman from Pawtucket, RI ""I've been bully by the same person for almost 4 years now [AND YES, IS STILL HAPPENING RIGHT NOW] and he is an underclassman at my school.

Then a week ago, I blocked him and deleted him from my contact because he keeps bullying me no matter when, even in class or online. Being bully by the same person for more than 3 years is pretty sucks, whenever i see him, I always look myself down even though I'm a whole lot older than him, I feel frustrated.”" - 15 year-old boy from Muscat, Oman ""Whenever I am on Facebook, I am in fear of my account being hacked, mostly for the fact that Facebook app Yoville is a very effective method to obtain information and be able to successfully hack Facebook.

I don't know what to do and I feel that something needs to be done before we are hearing on the news about some poor kid who killed themselves over what's being written about them on this vile site. Anyone know how I, we, can begin the process of taking this Facebook page down? The event was so traumatic it caused my son to have an acute psychotic break and to be hospitalized in an adolescent psychiatric ward for almost a month.

" " - 17 year-old girl from US ""I have been friends with this person for 3 years now. He is changed forever and will never be the same mentally.

We know it is life changing." " - Parent of 16 year-old boy from MN ""Being I have been bullied many times before it makes me not want to live in this world anymore.

I've been called probably every name out really hurts.

If you feel comfortable sharing your story, we would like to hear from you.

You can anonymize your experiences if you’d like, and we promise to maintain your individual confidentiality to the maximum extent of the law. We use these stories to educate the public about the serious nature of cyberbullying with the goal of preventing others from doing it.

The following is a small sample of the thousands of anecdotal stories and comments we’ve received from children and adolescents who have experienced cyberbullying.

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I sometimes contemplate suicide but i think where will that get me?

i would only end up hurting the ones that i love."" - 14 year-old girl from WA ""I am a Facebook user and I have reported these two people who are female who are putting all kinds of things about me on their wall and Facebook apparently don't care because they have not done anything about the bullying so far before or now.

No, this problem is not being solved and I'm scared to help her and tell them to stop. Like four eyes, alien and more just for wearing glasses. I don't think that kids who wear glasses shouldn't get made fun of.