How radio carbon dating works

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How radio carbon dating works

Exposure can also cause frostbite and hypothermia for pets.

In 2018 approximately 3,060 commercial and noncommercial applicators will need to be recertified.

Initial certification in several categories is offered at the following locations and dates.

Available categories vary at each of the locations; check the schedule booklet or website for details.

Check back here for the latest in ag news and information, from local events to international happenings and government reports that affect your operation. -Chad Moyer, Farm Director, KTIC Radio Training dates are set for Nebraska's commercial and noncommercial pesticide applicators seeking first-time certification, or recertification of their license, to use or purchase restricted use pesticides (RUPs) in 2018.

The statewide training is coordinated through the Nebraska Extension Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP).

Initial certification requires passing a general standards exam, Ogg said, in addition to one or more specific applicator categories.

Applicants can study by themselves, although for best results Ogg recommends combining training with study materials."Training combined with individual study has the best track record for preparing someone to take the state license exams," Ogg said.Read Full Article The Village of Pinckney has approved spending up to ,000 on preliminary drawings that would provide a walkway along Dexter Pinckney Road between M-36 leading to Pinckney High School Read Full Article The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office says they were called shortly after 7pm Saturday by a resident who lives at Cedar Lake Road and M-36 about a suspicious vehicle near her house.Welcome to the KTIC Agriculture Information blog!!!How Stuff Works Illustrated: Hurricane Categories Hurricanes can range in strength from Category 1 all the way to Category 5.Learn more about hurricane categories in this How Stuff Works Illustrated video. : 4 Unidentified Sounds Have you ever heard the Taos Hum, or detected a signal from space? Learn more about the world’s most mysterious noises.Information related to that training is to be available in early 2018."Commercial applicators are those using restricted use pesticides, and in some cases, general use pesticides, on a contract or for-hire basis," Ogg said.