Houston dating scene

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Here I am, the preacher's daughter, a straight-A student, I'm in the worship band, I teach Sunday school—I was golden. So the girl's aunt told my dad, and he came to my high school, pulled me out of class, and started questioning me.

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But I knew, at that moment, I could not live a lie any longer. My dad then told me I had two options: I could start going to counseling again, or if I "choose" to be this way, that I was history to them.

There was a time in my life when I had zero self-worth and struggled to survive," it read.

"If I could only express to you in words how much tonight helped heal a lot of wounds.

I knew I was miserable living that lie and that I was happiest when I was being my true self. I simply said that I was not going through counseling again, and he told me to pack my bags.

I didn't get to say goodbye to my two little sisters who I had basically raised. It's impossible to not be moved by Rice's story and her "Voice" performance.

I hope through sharing my story, someone out there who needed to hear it now knows they are not alone.

She eventually graduated from the University of Houston with a biology degree.

Colonial Blue performs March 18 at 8th Wonder Brewery's fourth annual Celebr8tion of Beer, 2202 Dallas.

Lately, in response to the outing of bad behavior toward women at the hands of powerful men like Harvey Weinstein, many of us who have spent decades putting up with similar behavior in the workplace are reconsidering similar experiences in our own pasts.

But has not had a relationship with her family in almost a decade.

"They're gonna realize they missed out on some pretty important stuff," Shelton said.

They just drove me to the campus where I was attending school and they dropped me off in the parking lot. The emotion and honesty in her delivery was almost palpable.