Hot chatbot

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Hot chatbot

If you have problems, PLEASE DROP ME A LINE, so I can fix 'em. Hot on the heels of the first tech preview, this tech preview brings 3rd party upgrades and two bug fixes. The 3rd party upgrades are 20 - Rebecca AIML 1.1tp1 (Slatter) Released.This is a tech preview release to the upcomming (Slatter) series.

“And the majority of them don’t read the labels when they buy something, because they don’t understand the chemicals that are being printed on labels.” The solution to this problem that the team came up with is Hello Ava.

Now that is out of the way, what does this new version 1.1tp1 offer everyone?

Well, just check out the user Guide for 1.1tp1 which describes each feature in great length with plenty of great screen shots.

In addition to this Q&A session, users also send a photo of their face to the chatbot (called “AVA”), and are then connected with a human advisor for a more personal conversation afterwards.

The advisor can ask and answer additional questions, validate the algorithm’s work and then send the customer a checkout link where they can buy the recommended products.

If you are developing commercial applications based off of Rebecca AIML you will need to purchase a commercial license.

However, if you are releasing your code underneath the GPL version 3 you can use Rebecca AIML underneath that license.

However, I promise before the full release of 1.1, a Linux version will be available.

Also, starting with this release Rebecca AIML will be available with a dual licensing scheme.

In addition to wanting safe products, most people have a hard time selecting the right ones for their skin, she says. The startup Hello Ava actually began as a class project at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business last year.

During this time, the team interviewed more than 300 women, but found that most were more interested in getting help with product selection than anything else — including being directed to “green” products.

At launch, the company is working with a small subset of brands, the majority being either emerging brands or those from Korean beauty suppliers.

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