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He is the attributed author of two of the greatest Epics of literature: The Iliad and The Odyssey.

It is probable that Homer's name was applied to two individuals differing in style and artistic accomplishment, born perhaps as much as a century apart, but practicing the same traditional craft of oral composition and recitation (to read out loud). Since he lived before cultures began recording history, there is no authentic record of who he was, when and where he was born, how long he lived, or even if he was actually responsible for the two epic poems for which he is known.It is arguable that in one incident of the Odyssey the poet may be giving a glimpse of himself in the disguise of a bard (singing poet), whom he calls Demodokos and whom he introduces to the court of the Phaeacian king, where the shipwrecked Odysseus is generously entertained.This Demodokos is described as a "divine singer to whom the god gave delight of singing whatever his soul prompted him." He is also described as being blind, which also supports the argument that Homer was portraying himself, because there was a belief that Homer was blind.This lack of any historical record of Homer's life leaves only what can be taken from the poems themselves.For example, the Iliad voices admiration for the beauty and speed of horses, while the Odyssey shows no interest in these animals.

The Iliad dismisses dogs as mere scavengers, while the poet of the Odyssey reveals a modern sympathy for Odysseus's faithful old hound, Argos.

In contrast, Greek feelings toward the Phoenicians have undergone a drastic change in the Odyssey.

Although they are still regarded as clever craftsmen, the Phoenicians are also described as "tricksters," reflecting the invasion of Phoenecian commerce into Greek markets in the seventh century One thing, however, is certain: both epics were created without writing sources.

It follows Agamemnon, King of Mycenae and his army of Achean (Greek) soldiers including Odysseus and the famed Achilles.

Together they attack Troy, ruled by King Priam and his sons Hector and Paris.

He wrote both the Iliad and the Odyssey, two epic poems (long narrative poems) surviving in a surprisingly large number of manuscripts.

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