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Cox Foundation soon reached the ,000 minimum needed to endow the scholarship.

Doctors warned his parents that he might not make it out.

"When my husband and I were called to the Naval Academy, to the hospital there, we were told they were going to send his body home," Gwendolyn Watkins recalls.

"I wouldn't answer the phone; my husband would answer.

"These were people that didn't go to our church, but they had read the article.

"I remember asking her in passing once, and she was like, 'That's a really dear friend of mine.' "But I didn't make the connection until the actual day of the ceremony, when her friends and Billy's friends showed me the picture of him with the (eye) patch, and then it kind of connected." It is more than that small-world connection, however, that Cox's friends and UAB leaders say makes Watkins an ideal choice to be the first recipient of the Cox scholarship.

"Tommie will be a phenomenal ambassador -- he already is," Max Michael, dean of the UAB School of Public Health, says.

One was white, however, and the other is black, but Bob Burns, a member of the Cox foundation, sees a lot of his old friend's energy and enthusiasm in Watkins.

"They are very different people, but he reminds me quite a bit of Billy --how positive he is," Burns says.

"We've needed that badly, and I think Tommie is in a very good position to do that." Navy blues The youngest of Tommie and Gwendolyn Watkins' two sons, Tommie Watkins Jr.

was ordained at 17 as minister at First Baptist Church of Hueytown. "I was like a youth minister and believed that being gay was a sin," he says.

"It was as if he had started back from scratch again," his mother recalls.