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Hazleton gay dating

5-6) While public eateries existed in Ancient Rome and Sung Dynasty China, restaurants (we know them today), are generally credited to 18th century France.

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Certain phases of foodservice operations reach a well-organized from as early as feudal times...

Another thought to ponder: how military foodservice impacted civilian industry.

"Foodservice organizations in operation in the United States today have become an accepted way of life, and we tend to regard them as relatively recent innovations.

Beauvilliers, 1782 "However, the first Parisian restaurant worthy of the name was the one founded by Beauvilliers in 1782 in the Rue de Richelieu, called the Grande Taverne de Londres.

He introduced the novelty of listing the dishes available on a menu and serving them at small individual tables during fixed hours." ---Larousse Gastronomique, (p. France was the birthplace of what we now call the restaurant..happened toward the end of the eighteenth century.

Did you know the word restaurant is derived from the French word restaurer which means to restore?

The first French restaurants [pre-revolution] were not fancy gourmet establishments run by ex-aristocratic chefs.The restaurant, as we know it today, is said to have been a byproduct of the French Revolution.Modern food service is a product of the Industrial Revolution.Historians tell us the genesis of food service dates back to ancient times.Street vendors and public cooks (caterers) were readily available in Ancient Rome.When cafes opened in France they also sold brandy, sweetened wines and liqueurs in addition to coffee.

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    Lead by scientists like Buffon, George Cuvier and James Hutton, the men (few women could participate then) who studied rocks and fossils accepted that the Earth had been around for thousands, if not millions, of years before people came on the scene.

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