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Blue and Red Landers, recurring characters in many Compile games, increase the player's maximum life and power chip capacities, respectively.

These Blue Landers also serve as checkpoints; players can restart their game in these designated rooms after being defeated provided the system has not been turned off.

While inside, the player must activate ten safety devices in order to initialize Naju's self-destruct mechanism and destroy the alien world before it reaches Earth.

Five hostile tribes of alien lifeforms are vying for control of territories within Naju, The story is advanced through a series of messages left by one or more unidentified predecessor(s) who unsuccessfully attempted to engage the self-destruct mechanism of Naju before the Guardian arrived.

Upon completion, the player destroys the corridor and is returned to the Labyrinth, where a power-up (and sometimes a warp panel key) is collected as a reward.

While some corridors can be accessed freely, others can only be entered by performing a particular action in the corridor room.

Warp panels bear a symbol indicative of their surrounding area, and the player can only access these warp panels with keys that match these symbols.

Some warp panels lead to rooms containing various clues and story elements while others are gateways to shops, password rooms, and corridors.

In the game, the player controls a lone protagonist, the Guardian, who is on a quest to destroy a large alien-infested world named Naju before it reaches the planet Earth.

The player must deactivate ten safety devices scattered throughout Naju, thus activating the alien world's self-destruct sequence.

The player explores Naju in a non-linear fashion and can acquire different weapons during the course of the game.

The Guardian Legend received mixed reviews from magazines such as Electronic Gaming Monthly and Nintendo Power.

The Guardian has a life meter that decreases after sustaining damage from enemies; it can be replenished by collecting various items.