Griswold and wagnerware dating by logo

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Griswold and wagnerware dating by logo - christisn singles dating

Wagner Manufacturing started business in 1891 in Sidney, Ohio.It manufactured cast iron and tried other products over the next century, including brass and aluminum.

It was actually covered, and I mean covered, with black, gunk-y, cracked seasoning. I eventually sanded down the interior of the pans and skillets to smooth them out.The Randall Corporation purchased Wagner Manufacturing in 1952. bought Griswold on March 29, 1957 and then sold it in December 1957 to Randall who already owned Wagner.Effectively, the Griswold manufacturing plant in Erie, Pennsylvania was shut down in 1957 and any Griswold cookware made after this period was out of the Wagner Manufacturing Sidney, Ohio plant.Thanks for the Smith SEPTEMBER 17, 2013 AT PMHow much is a Wagner Ware 1060 A worth? I worked at a place that had a shot peening machine. Jill Moncilovich OCTOBER 7, 2013 AT AMLooking for a polished inside cast iron skillet that has handle with opposing loop on other side. diane SEPTEMBER 23, 2013 AT PMhow much is a fat free fryer worth 12 or 121/2 inch with ridges. diane legendre SEPTEMBER 25, 2013 AT PMis more like 11 inchs. I put the oven in it and in minutes shot peening cleaned the oven to bare clean metal ready for a wash and seasoning. My first one 10 to 10 1/8 inches was a Wagner and was stolen! Look for the oldest Wagner items by name and patent dates.

Wagner Manufacturing was the original company, and it used “Wagner Ware” in some markings by 1902.

Randall Company purchased Wagner Manufacturing in 1953, and Griswold, its biggest competitor, in 1957.

Wagner Ware markings help identify the era of production, but because of reproductions, confirmation is necessary.

Two other brothers, William and Louis, were added to the mix in 1891 which triggered the beginning of Wagner Ware cast iron cookware.

With the momentum of population growth and expansion, the Wagner brothers had a market ripe for growth and built the most modern and technologically advanced manufacturing facility for casting iron at the time.

However, the Wagner brothers, Bernard and Milton, actually started making metal castings of light hardware for general stores back in 1881.