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Had I spent one second reading all of the information on the huge “Arrivals” screen I would have clearly seen that her flight had arrived at Terminal 1, not Terminal 2 where I had been waiting.

After taking a bite, I looked a little more closely at the rat only to discover over a dozen maggots moving around in the flesh. And then I felt extremely sick to my stomach for a good couple of days afterward.It happened during the winter of 2012 while I was in Bucharest, Romania and I had just finished meeting up with Niall Doherty for some afternoon shisha and good conversation in the old city center.After parting ways, I tried to hail a taxi to take me back to my friend’s apartment where I was staying, but every taxi I asked either wouldn’t take me or they wanted an exorbitant price because of the snow storm and resulting road conditions.and crazy as it might sound, Germany placed two times.No, I’m not into nudity or naked travel / tourism but the topic does bring up memories of my first trip to Europe, years back.The video of an Iranian woman dancing and removing her hijab (Islamic head scarf) on top of a car has gone viral on the Internet.

The lady was dancing on a traditional Iranian song in front of people who were cheering and applauding.

King's College is an independent coeducational secondary day and boarding school in Taunton, Somerset, England. Many of the boarding houses still hold trophies related to now defunct activities on which is it inscribed that that particular prize was handed out by Haile Selassie.

A member school of the Woodard Corporation, it has approximately 450 pupils aged 13 to 18, including about 300 boarders. The head of the school is currently Richard Biggs, who started his first academic year in the winter of 2007. A portrait of the emperor once hung in the main school building.

So, I just stuck the entire thing, with the skin on, in my mouth.

The man who gave it to me looked horrified and asked “What are you doing? Sensing that I had done something stupid, I just said, “This is how I eat mangoes.” Eating a rat: While in Vang Vieng, Laos, two other travelers and I decided to visit the local market one evening.

When my friend opened the door, I just looked at her and said, “I’m going to die.” Later that evening, after telling my friend the story, she simply stated, “Why didn’t you just take the metro? Blood for nothing: I was working on my first cruise ship when, one evening during my second week on board, I wanted to get some fresh air and just stand on the outside deck for a while.

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