Glee rachel and puck dating

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Glee rachel and puck dating - speed dating role play card game

Spoilers for the ending of I Don't Mean To Presume.

He stared at her surprised."So what is a sexy girl like you doing at the Lima Bean Cafe this early in the morning? She closed her notebook finally finished and put it in her bag."I was trying to find a comforting place to study and my apartment at times is not so comforting, nice mohawk by the way." She said giggling making him raise an eyebrow."Are you making fun on my mohawk?

" She shook her head laughing at how cute he is to her.

Puck grins loving her laugh it was different and loud and he liked that."Not at all, it's really sexy looking and it brings out your hazel green eyes more!

Rachel revives an old custom in order to communicate with her friend Noah.

Rated to be safe because Puck can't stop cursing even when he's trying to be nice.

He took his shower then got out and wrapped a towel around him."This year is going to be different Puck, your a Junior and you need to make your ma proud of you." Puck thought before walking into his bedroom and got dressed for the day.

He grabbed his school bag with his car keys and phone putting his phone in his pocket.He needed to get Rachel's number."So Rachel Berry can I have your number and are you busy later?" She stares at him wondering what he had in mind but remembered that she had to work with her best friends tonight."Sorry I have to work Noah, maybe if we see each other again then I give you my number, later Noah Puckerman." She grins laughing lightly before walking out with her tea and muffing placing her bag on her shoulder.In the harsh world of Mixed Martial Arts, both Rachel and Quinn have one goal: to be the best Women's UFC Strawweight Champion that ever was. With a relationship Puck understand that friends kinda come as a package deal with the person. And finally, if Rachel and her brother moved to Ohio how would they hide their identities from everyone else? But what he didn't know was that he wasn't the only Avenger whose life was going to change.Between their checkered past and the bright lights of greatness that propell them forward, will they fight for love? He just didn't know what to expect with his girl's bff being her ex's sister or for her to be so scary. After failing to raise the money to fly to nationals New Directions have to road trip it from Lima to New York. When their partners get eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance they must dance together no matter how much they hate each other. People laugh when they hear that Lima Loser Noah Puckerman has gotten two girls pregnant and it's only the start of Junior year. A series of scenes that happened during commercial breaks/summer breaks told from various POVs. As Iron Man flew towards the Chitauri portal he had only one person on his mind: his youngest son, Blaine Anderson.