Github gravatar not updating

18-May-2019 22:19 by 4 Comments

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Automatically adds avatar support to bb Press (2.3 ) user profiles if bb Press is activated. While this plugin has been tested with common server setups, some enviroments could cause an issue.

The only option available is to click the link which loads in the same browser window as the Word Press backend.As a veteran user of Word Press, I found this to be a jarring experience as I tried to configure an image and find my way back to the Word Press backend.Six years ago, a user by the name of computerwiz908 created a Trac ticket suggesting the ability to upload a custom avatar image in addition to Gravatar.The work flow is disjointed and has left me scratching my head on more than one occasion.Perhaps some sort of lightbox or a modal could be added that simplifies the process without redirecting users to Instead of me having to rebuild it to show my custom avatar, it just works with this solution since I’m extending the built-in avatar functions, not creating new ones.

We’re going to create two functions: one that displays the field on the profile, and one that updates the field when you click “Update”.Only by hovering and clicking around the page did I discover that clicking my avatar image on the left takes me to Similar to self-hosted Word Press, it loads and redirects me away from the backend of my Word site without providing an easy way to go back to where I started. Note: This plugin is a fork of Simple Local Avatars v1.3.1 by Jake Goldman (10up).If you are having a problem deactivate all plugins other than this one and then switch you theme to Twenty Tweleve (or similar).If an avatar is provided, it is displayed by the function rather than the gravatar.