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Ghauri dating - christian provision dating conference

They are first generation Indo-Pakistani Canadians whose parents guage success in terms of the ability to secure financial wealth through education while being good Muslims at the same time.Many are finding it difficult to make it on both levels.

So is the rest of the Muslim community in Montreal.Daughter of an imam, or religious leader, Yasmeen Ghauri’s foray into modeling was almost accidental.But her beauty quickly caught the eye of the fashion world, where her spectacular success puts her in the same league as supermodels Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell.Her growing up saw racial taunts and a feeling of deprevation.In one published interview she says “Kids called me `chocolate-cake face’ And when you’re eight years old you know…I wasn’t poor but we didn’t have any money.But Yasmeen’s story is not about polarizing the tightly knit Muslim community of Montreal alone or for that matter, its counterpart in Edmonton, where her appearance on the cover of this August’s Flare fashion magazine caused a local imam to denounce her during a Friday-prayer sermon.

It also has had its impact on her home and her parents, whose separation, some say, may have had a hand in a headstrong Muslim female deciding to strike out on her own.But its difficult for those who grew up with Yasmeen not to hold her up as a super-role-model for everything they have been conditioned to achieve.A recent immigrant from Pakistan calls them CBC’s — Canadian- Born and Confused.Ghauri believes what has happened to his daughter is no different from what is happening to other the children of other Muslims.He says that in attempting to provide their children the benefits of a North American lifestyle, many Muslim parents have lost sight of the overll picture of what they want.Linda Aunty felt he was married more to the mosque then he was to her, so she left him.

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