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This maybe true, but once those so called ‘friends’ start to talk bad of you, either in your face or behind your back…that’s when that bond breaks.

She’s my feminine lover and I wouldn’t let her go or trade her for the world.

So why am I making a post about friendship you may ask? I’ve met and become friends with many people, only to get my back lashed, my heart stabbed by the two faced people months later.

I still have a lot of friends, but the ones I mostly talk to…been there since day one.

I’ll be making my official blog post here in a second. Aside from that, Credit of the Portrait Pic goes to Bri, a friend of mine on Facebook.

:‘3 She does such an amazing job and she probably doesn’t realize it.

No matter how much we may change, our bond, our love for each others as friends will remain the same.

If these two are reading this now, I hope they know that I’ll cherish them to the very end of my dying day.I had to stop him there because, Clyde himself is a hypocrite.Short backstory, Clyde used to date Bonnie but always tends to complain about her ALL THE FUCKING TIME!These two chickadees have been with me for as long as I can remember and I do my best to not destroy this bond.Not saying that I would destroy it, just stating that the bond is pretty strong.I try to stay strong and force a smile on my face for those I care about…I know I’m not the cause for the editing family drama thing…but it effects me just like it effects the person being tormented…because I’m the one seeing it happen. Most are my friends were having a good time while Bonnie was sitting on the other side of the chat room, being quiet. Not once did we say ANYTHING about her being an attention whore.