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“Overtown, with as valuable as the property is, there's a ‘We'll get to it,’ kind of attitude,” Gates said.

The winds, he said, shook the taxicab sitting outside on its tires and rattled the metal paneling so loudly his two small dogs started panicking. — ELIZABETH KOH p.m.: Coral Gables City Manager Cathy Swanson-Rivenbark signed a continuation of an emergency curfew order for certain areas within Coral Gables that are presently under an evacuation order. — HOWARD COHEN p.m.: Ashley and Zach Winkler occupied a makeshift two-top at the Flanigan’s restaurant in Coconut Grove — a small table converted out of a hostess station shortly after 2 p.m.

When the power went out, everything was pitch black,” Bryant said.

Gates said she did think the historically African-American city did a solid job of informing residents about the latest with the storm but hopes they will be as active in the cleanup and recovery phase.

“Almost every trailer park, everything was overturned.” Scott said residents in the Florida Keys have no water, no sewer and no electricity, and that it will be days or weeks, maybe longer before those services are restored. — DAVID NEAL p.m.: Homestead City Hall was more than just governmental building Monday afternoon — it became a charging station.

With more than 80 percent of the city’s residents still without power post Hurricane Irma, about 100 people lounged outside city hall to charge their mobile devices. MADAN p.m.: After Hurricane Irma drove them from their homes, millions of Floridians were eager to return Monday and survey what damage might await them.

Many brought extension cords and a lot of patience, said Juan Carlos Lopez, as he leaned against a palm tree. Some evacuees fled hundreds of miles to escape the storm, and those crowds will soon come flooding back to the state. CLARK p.m.: Florida Power and Light contractors worked to restore power to a neighborhood in Southwest Miami-Dade County on Monday afternoon.

They’re likely to be met with traffic delays, a fuel shortage, debris clean-up and possibly blocked access to their communities — which is why state and local officials have a singular message: Don’t try to go home yet. As two workers repaired a main power line damaged by a fallen tree, a third flew a drone overhead to take photos and assess the damage.He declined to say where the two amphibious assault platforms, the Iwo Jima and New York were located: “We’re still in the planning stages of preparing to put them in the location that we need them,” he said. “I heard it cracking,” he said, though he couldn’t venture out until the winds subsided.When he did, he found the tree — roots and all — ripped through the sidewalk, the concrete curb heaved up along the pavement. Bagat lived in Islamorada for 10 years, familiar with the destruction hurricanes could sometimes carve through the Keys.“Some kids came and threw the Styrofoam over the fence and out the street.If they wouldn’t have done it that stuff would’ve still been out there,” Bryant said.— LANCE DIXON 2 p.m.: In Hurricane Irma’s relentless 72-hour march across Cuba’s north coast from east to west, the storm left 10 people dead, including two women on a Havana bus who were killed when a fourth-story balcony tumbled on to the vehicle.

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