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Annual revaluation of property represents the industry recognized highest quality and most efficient assessment administration.

Taxpayers will not be stuck with inequitable or disproportionately weighted tax bills associated with ”luck of the draw, year of revaluation” market conditions and timings Property owners will experience enhanced property tax understanding.The old system software support provider announced termination of support. There is no additional cost in the new system for the software enhancements needed to support annual revaluations.High revaluation program transition costs were reduced and eliminated in specific market/valuation conditions.Every year, 1/6 of the county’s real property parcels, (about 18,000), will be physically inspected and revalued in an on-going cyclic 6 year program.The remaining 5/6ths of parcels (about 92,000) are eligible for statistical adjustments.New construction, destroyed property, land use impacts, and all other statutorily required valuation adjustment considerations, continue to be administrated annually as well. New or additional dollars are directed by voters, or, budget increases limited to 1% are passed by resolution or ordinance after public hearing by taxing district legislative authorities (i.e. Countywide property valuations will stay aligned with current real estate market activity.

Property owners will directly approach assessed valuation determinations and concerns within a clearly defined reference to current market value and the relationships of values of all other properties. The historically experienced 4-year spikes in valuation and property tax changes will no longer occur.This is achieved when there has been a prolonged multi-year stabilization and minimal appreciation in the market.This condition was recognized, present, and supported the timely low cost transition.Assessed valuations routinely experienced 4-year cycle spikes.The optimum market / assessed valuation condition for a valuation system transition is a uniform countywide assessed valuation level.imo free install laptop, IMO Download for Windows 10,www filmyap com, IMO Apps for Windows 7,xedar aap, Imo for Laptop Windows 10,bf video setup exe,???????