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It's very confusing for children: people who work in shops are 'strangers', yet they are supposed to go to them for help; on the other hand surely not all family friends (or even family) can be trusted with a child - I'm sure there are certain uncles or friend's dads you feel uncomfortable about.

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Also explain to your child how she can recognise a person who works in a shop, either by their uniform or because they’re behind the till.Start with basic safety Before trying to teach your preschooler about strangers, have a chat about general safety first.When you go out, ask her to stay close and to hold your hand in crowded places.Avoid scary statements To drive the message home, you may be tempted to issue warnings about how a stranger could take her away from you forever.Try to avoid doing this as it will only unnecessarily frighten your child. You will need to do this on a case-by-case basis, as while Jack's mum is a family friend, the postman is not. " This question may be prompted by rumours your preschooler has heard in the playground about strangers. Remind her of the rule of immediately going to the person who's taking care of her. " In the unlikely case that a stranger does put their hands on your child, tell her she should shout for help and say loudly that the person is not her mummy or daddy.Two-year-olds and three-year-olds don't yet know what a stranger is, or who's harmless and who's not.

While you can begin to teach your child about basic safety, she's not ready for conversations about how to deal with strangers.

As you begin talking about strangers, keep in mind that despite sensational media coverage, stranger abductions are still extremely rare.

Being able to talk to adults is an important social skill for your child, so try not to make her unduly afraid.

Much more useful teach your child the underwear rule (see NSPCC website for details) and make them tell you where they're going and who with EVERY time, even if it's your mum (who would tell you anyway if she's going out with the child).

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To avoid scaring your child, emphasise that just because a person is a stranger, it doesn’t make them a good person or a bad person.