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The Church is the legitimate agency of the Kingdom of God through and by which kingdom principles of dominion and the governance of nations are made manifest.

Mission Equipping and releasing men and women in the Kingdom of God for involvement in the affairs that inform and influence Africa’s developmental values and activities through the moral principles and standards of the word of God. He ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty, whence He shall come to judge the living and dead.Bishop Mike Okonkwo (Nigeria), Bishop Joe Imakando (Zambia) amongst others.The CAA Summits afford Africa’s apostles the opportunity to share ideas, experiences and strategies to make the Kingdom of God manifest in the nations of Africa.We have 1000's of female escorts listed in all major British cities of the UK from London to Scotland, Glasgow to Manchester and Newcastle to London.Each profile gives you the escorts full contact details, email, phone number, photos and descriptions, as well as like, availability, rates and more!We also recommend that the strategy of the local church should by all means try to align with the strategy of the CAA The Council of African Apostles is an annual gathering of Africa’s apostolic voice.

Apostles of genuine credibility gather for three days to discuss and share ideas concerning the issues that affect the Church in Africa as well as the nations of the Pat Franklin / (23/04/2017) Holocaust Day in Israel - and even the 5-year-olds are learning what happened - by Pat Franklin / (15/04/2017) The Bible has a message for godless Communist Kim Jong-un in North Korea / (12/04/2017) Passover in Israel 2017, by Pat Franklin / (12/04/2017) Warning writ large as 100 mammoth tusks are seized, by Pat Franklin / (02/03/2017) Market meltdown, Brexit and the Ides of March. Comment by Alan Franklin, plus top reporters revealing the unbiased truth about.. by Pat Franklin / (11/05/2016) A vote to leave the EU superstate is the United Kingdom's last chance to regain its independence. / (25/03/2016) Jesus, Prince of Peace; Muhammad, man of violence / (25/03/2016) The greatest event in world history - by Chuck Baldwin./ (28/12/2016) Israel sets an example of freedom, tolerance - by Reda Mansour / (28/12/2016) Another icy blast at global warming lunacy. / (28/12/2016) To buy our books and DVDs, check this out! / (05/12/2016) Threat to a small Christian church in Israel: ‘Get out or we torch the building! / (07/05/2016) Holocaust Remembrance Day at Yad Vashem - and PM Netanyahu makes his usual pertinent points. / (23/04/2016) Passover in Israel, 2016 - by Pat Franklin / (18/04/2016) Bible prophecy reveals the fate of Islam. / (10/04/2016) Great new book for your home and Sunday School! / (24/03/2016) A reader's review of our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain - and why you should get it!And then finally Africa’s spiritual future, we are going to be looking at ways in which we can purchase the future by pouring into children, youth and young adults.Registration is in progress during working hours at Jabula Heights 147 Robert Mugabe Road Harare or at ICC from Wednesday morning at am and every morning till Friday. Should you require further information, please contact our offices on 04-700020-2.Critics of God's Word shoot themselves in both feet! / (23/01/2017) Pro-Palestinian Islamic headed the Women’s March / (22/01/2017) Time to repent, not to march! By Pat Franklin / (01/07/2016) The European Union has built-in anti Semitism, as revealed by this article.