Free credits sex date

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Free credits sex date

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, wants you to know how credit scoring works.

Even an accurate entry on your credit file, such as a missed payment, can turn into errors.

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Forgetting to pay or skipping the odd agreed payment One missed payment can last on your credit file for six years, so if you ever amend a direct debit or close a bank account make sure that your credit card, loan or mortgage provider is notified.

Around one in ten people have a missed payment recorded on their credit report, according to Experian.

Many credit card companies, for example Barclaycard and Nat West, offer an "approval indicator" that uses a soft search to approve a loan in principle.

Comparison website Moneysupermarket also offers a similar "Smart Search" service. Not being included on the electoral roll By being on the electoral roll you give an added assurance to lenders that you are who you say you are and live where you say you live.

Too many credit applications in a short period of time can trigger rejections, as lenders might think you are desperate for credit – even if you are just shopping around.

To get around this, customers can use a "soft search" facility to get an idea of whether they will be accepted for a loan and at which rate.

These days, other types of businesses — including auto and homeowners insurance companies and phone companies — are using credit scores to decide whether to issue you a policy or provide you with a service and on what terms.

A higher credit score is taken to mean you are less of a risk, which, in turn, means you are more likely to get credit or insurance — or pay less for it.

However, your recent credit history is more important than your credit past, says Ms Doleman.

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