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she was so wrapped up into tickling these cute ticklish feet, that she didnt realize she had tickled the feet alone for an hour. i cant take it.............." Esmerelda moaned."Oh no my dear! she then used each hand and tickled underneath the breasts." OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEH STOP!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA" Esmerelda screamed. she then flicked her nails across the nipples and was delighted to hear Esmerelda laugh some more. Karina played with the nipples a little more, then a wicked smile formed on her face."you know what Esmerelda? Karina also opened a dresser drawer and saw a vibrator and dildo. she saw Karina, Vanessa and Tanya staring at her."hellooooooooooo Esmerelda! Esmerleda struggled, but the three women, even drunk, was much stronger than her."let's take her back to my room....." Karina commanded.but what she also noticed was that the nipples began to get stiff. i wonder if your.......pussy......ticklish too......" Karina threatened."....nooooo.....please....tickle my privates!!! i am going to tickle your pussy till you cum for me!!! evil thought crossed her mind, but then she changed her mind. maybe later....." Karina told him, almost nonchalantly. he turned around to face Karina once more, smiled, and went on his way to the other football players."i cant believe you did that??!! " Karina smiled."you just blew off Tyler Perkins?!! i know Tyler dear will be wondering why someone like me isnt interested in him. men are soooo predictable." Karina said, her smile forming on her three girls hi-fived each other with glee. " Vanessa also sang in a munchkin voice."follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road!!! she was drunk enough, and knew her friends would love to help. Esmerelda tried to scream, but Karina put her hand over her mouth.

as she turned a corner, a young student crashed into her, spilling root beer all over her white blouse."WHAT THE HELL??!!!! she loved it when Esmerelda would arch her back, only to have it slap back down to the mattress as she poked her tummy again. Karina moved over to where Esmerelda's right foot was.

Karina even tickled the tender heel and Esmerelda screamed in laughter. Karina stared at the smooth mound and licked her lips. " Tanya girls got real giddy with the thought of tormenting poor Esmerelda again.

there wasnt one spot on this foot that wasnt ticklish. her fears were realized as she saw Karina with a pair of scissors. never before was she in a position where a person was just looking at her breasts. Esmerelda cried even more as she felt Karina cutting open her panties, then peeling them off. Karina stared at the pubic hair of Esmerelda and another smile formed on her face."ah, what a nice little bush! she then used her fingers and tickled the outer lips of the vagina and Esmerelda squirmed. they started to sneak behind Esmerelda, as she walked through the park. she could tell Karina and her friends were drunk and didnt want to know why they were talking to her now."my, my, my! " Karina said with such a calm, menacing demeanor."i had to do something at the lab. good night." Esmerelda said, then turned to walk away."GET HER!!!!

I found this story 10 years ago in a forum, I don't know who wrote her. dressed in a plaid overall dress, with a white shirt underneath, white socks and white canvas shoes, her thick glasses and her hair up in a bun, she walked into Karina's room. i'll clean the blou HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! she was amazed on how quickly this little nerd fell apart just from being tickled.

She is a long story with more than 18 chapters, but if there is interest, and if it doesn't infringe any rule, I will post all here of them. she looked around and was amazed at how decorative the room was. " Karina commanded, while handing the blouse to Esmerelda. Karina knew what it was like as she was very ticklish herself. Karina then began to remove Esmerelda's dress."w-what are you doing?

Karina poked and began to tickle Esmerelda's sides and chest.

she stared at the smooth armpits and tickled there again. Karina thought to herself that Esmerelda wasnt that bad looking. she wanted to see how far she could go with this tickling. she stared at the white cotton sock and saw the outline of her foot.

Karina then eyed the left foot and wanted to play with that one too. she watched helplessly as her bra was cut open, then pulled off. her breasts were small, but close to a medium size. she like how they jiggled every time she would tickle harder. Karina continued to tickle the young vagina, then saw a feather on her dresser. Esmerelda was returning to her dorm room after a late night at the chemistry lab. " Karina "Brat pack" chased after Esmerelda, and she ran as fast as she could.

she quickly ripped off the sock and attack the pink skin on the left foot. Karina would tickle her toes, then tickle the arch. she was being tortured and there was no end in sight. her fingers dug deep into the flesh and she tickled Esmerelda's feet to no end. tears poured freely, her mouth was wide open, trying to suck in precious oxygen, and her face was red from laughing so much. she stared at Esmerelda's chest heaving up and down and a cruel idea comae to her mind."ESMEEEEEEEERRRREEEEEELLLLLLLDA! "now my ticklish little nerd, let's see if your ENTIRE body is ticklish...."".....please.....more.....i beg you......hehehehehehehehehehe.. Karina stared at the brown nipples and couldnt wait to tickle these breasts. Karina fondled the breasts and made sure she tickled every inch. she was at the complete mercy of this evil woman, who intended to tickle her in her most private area. ".......please Karina....tickle me there...""why not? " Karina asked.".....because......i'm a virgin......" Esmerelda cried."EVEN BETTER!!!! she remembered that feather came from a pillow fight, and now she was going to use it as a weapon. a project she was working on needed extra attention, so she stayed late at the lab. she yawned several times as she walked and look forward to resting her head on her pillow. she turned around and her face turned white with horror. but, they caught her real easy and tackled her on the grass.

she had a nice athletic build, and made damn sure she was in top shape. they too were also strikingly beautiful, and their personalities matched Karina. she couldnt finish quickly, so she picked up her tray and books and walked over to another part of the dining room. " Tanya agreed."well....went like this......." Karina started. " Esmerelda felt real bad."i should beat your ass for this! Karina sat on her bed and watched poor Esmerelda clean the blouse. "Karina walked up to her and Esmerelda stood to meet her. for some reason, she wanted to really hurt and humiliate this young lady. she stared at the belly and began to lightly trace her fingers across the soft skin."ehehehehehehhehehehehehehe.....noooooo...." Esmerelda chuckled."is your tummy ticklish?? Esmerelda thrashed in her bonds, unable to escape." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH GAWD!!!!! she dug the tip of her index finger deep into the belly button and tickled hard.

without a doubt, she was very attractive and had no problems whatsoever attracting men, and a few women. their little group was often called "the Brat Pack"."girl, Michael was so damn tiny!!!! but he is one of the biggest guys on the football team! she didnt want Karina to be near her."what's up with supernerd? i never told you guys what happened....." Karina teased."OH DO TELL!!!!!!! Karina was walking through the chemistry building hallway looking for a room. " Karina screamed, her eyes turning to slits."please!! Karina enjoyed the power she felt over this person. she wanted to punch her right in the middle of her glasses. " Esmerelda cried back as her body curled up."what's with you? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Esmerelda went into silent laughter as she felt the tickling finger attack her very ticklish navel.

Karina was amazed on how soft and tender the foot was.