Free asian chatrooms for male bisexuals

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Free asian chatrooms for male bisexuals

Others may not want to shame their family and community.Many South Asian men, for example, live in extended families.

As a result, sex in a marital relationship is often not a priority consideration.

Last, the secrecy involved in living a double life could potentially lead to sexual addiction or become emotionally attached to your male lover. Be happy and live the life you were intended to live whatever path that may be.

RESOURCES If you are questioning your sexuality, are seeking help with coming out, or want to meet and talk with other gay or bisexual men or counsellors, there are several resources in Metro Vancouver you can consider.

If you go through your whole life repressing your sexuality, you are not riding yourself of these homosexual thoughts, but simply suffocating them.

So what are you supposed to do if you’re married with these homosexual desires?

If more closeted men would come out and accept themselves, there might be less bullying and discrimination in society.

More out gay men could also save many youth from depression and suicide by giving them more role models or examples to look up to.

Despite the 2008 Bollywood film which had a gay theme, there are not many gay South Asian role models in the media.

In contrast, there are many Western “out” celebrities like Elton John, Ellen De Generes, George Michael, or Rosie O’Donnell.

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For instance, there would be a huge stigma for the wife to bear in some cultures if her husband left her—especially for another man.